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I hear voices! So what else was I supposed to do but give them a voice for others to hear what they had to say?

I've have enjoyed reading several different genres during my life, from Stephen Kings horror to Linda Howards quirky, sexy and entertaining mystery/romances. While my interests have narrowed to almost strictly mystery/romance now, I still venture out to different genre's everynow and then.


But my writing is all mystery/romance...I had never really considered myself a romantic person, but I learned differently once I started listening to my muse, whichever one it might be at the time, that enjoy breaking into my thoughts at the most inopportune times. Nothing is worse than when your muse decides to talk when you can't jot it down, like when you are driving or in a meeting or mowing the lawn or, well, I've found that there are very few times I can't find some sort of way to jot the idea's down. If I can't write it down, I run it through my mind over and over until I can...doesn't bode well for the success of any meeting I might be involved in!


My first book, Old Acquaintances, started out like many other ideas I had. I sat down one day to write the idea down, but this time, I kept writing. I found myself in my library (our formal dining room that I took over) as often as I could get in there. As soon as I woke up in the mornings on my day off, right after dinner, late into the night...well, you get the idea. I missed a lot of time with my family, luckily for me, they supported my interest to write. I continued this routine for many months until one day, I was done. What now? Did I write it just to write it or should I do something with it? I looked around for publishers, not really knowing what I was looking for. I finally found one that would accept non-solicited manuscripts...and to make a long story short, they accepted my debut novel and it was published Dec. 2010.


I spent the next year and a half marketing Old Acquaintances and eventually starting on my next MS. I found that I had several different voices talking to me during this period. The only way I could get some of the voices to ease up was to promise them their own book,  leading me to write the first of a three book series, The Best of Us, published in Febuary 2012. The Best of Us is Daniel Wayne's story, but his brothers won't be left behind. Carter's story is the next book in the works with an estimated release date in the winter of 2012.  The oldest Wayne brother, Harm, will complete the series sometime in 2013.